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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. A lot has been happening in my work life and in my personal life that has put me in a space where I couldn’t concentrate on anything but what was going on, let alone write anything of value. But that is about to change!

Before things got so crazy in my life, I had all these intentions and ideas on what I wanted to write about. Then when I just didn’t have the time, I kept thinking about how I was going to segue back into writing. I decided I wanted to come back by writing about the new goals I am setting for myself. With so much going on, it was taking up a lot of time for me to get to a place where I was okay to move forward and bring on new goals into my life. Thankfully, that time has come!

I originally was hoping to be able to post this earlier in the year when I could tie it into some kind of “New Year” type post. But when I think of “New Year” and “New Year Goals”, I feel like there can be so much pressure, tension, and uncertainty about setting them and the expectations of the outcome. Sometimes this can be good because you invite change and are ready to take on the new year and sometimes this can cause anxiety and stress. But why do we have to wait until a new year to set new goals for ourselves? Not everything can be completed in a year and sometimes mentally we are not prepared to completed something or start some new just because the year is starting over.

There seems to be a debate on whether setting “New Year's Resolutions” is a bad thing or a good thing. I for one, am on the side of setting them at any point in the year. Having goals is good for you and it gives you something to work towards and sets those milestones for you to anchor in your life as accomplishments. I am always setting goals for myself, and I think whether you wait until the new year or not, setting them is always important.

Having goals for me is a way that I can gauge my life and where I am in that moment. I feel like I have taken a less than traditional path in life and sometimes it can be hard for me to know if I am still following the path or if I’m stuck in the grass somewhere. It helps me to see what I want to achieve and to see where I am along that path to getting there.

Whether you are a goal setter or just someone who lives day by day, there is a way you can set goals or intentions without it sounding daunting or that you are setting yourself up for failure. For me, I am going to be focusing on setting goals to improve self-care. I want to continue my journey of self-care and self-growth!

Here are my goals/intentions I am setting for the foreseeable future:

1. Mental Health

I have had a really sad year in 2018 and I spent a lot of time being really down and feeling really lost. Part of the reason I started this blog was to help me get out of this negative space I have been living in for far too long. although I started writing and working towards improving my mindset, it wasn’t my main focus. This year, I need to spend more time practicing what I preach and really work on my mental health. I need to dedicate more time to colouring and meditation and really working on my feelings and what I can do about them. If nothing else, I want this to be something I walk away from 2019 knowing I gave 100%.

2. Exercise

While I was off having the worst year, I gave up a lot of things. One of those things being exercise. I used to dance 3 times a week and love the idea of going out to a yoga class or going to cycle fit with my boyfriend. But after feeling down for so long, one by one I lost all that motivation and ended up quitting all of it. This year I want to get back on the wagon and try to incorporate more exercise into my life. I can admit now that going to dance 3 times a week while I was working full time and taking school part time, was definitely too much and it’s no wonder that I started to burn out and no longer enjoy it. But I am in a place now where I am interested in adding in more exercise to my day a little bit at a time. So, as cliche as it is, I am going to make exercise another thing I want to focus on in 2019.

3. Business

Finally I want to focus on my business. There are a few projects that have been percolating in my brain that I really want to see into fruition. And this year, I feel like I am in the right place to really make those ideas come to life. I want to be focused so that things can be successful. Before when I was trying to juggle everything, nothing really happened because I just wasn’t capable to carry any more work. But with a newly freed mind and a lot of that old baggage gone, I am hopeful that I can make some things happen.

As you can see, my goals and intentions are relatively vague and I have left a lot of room for them to develop or not. But I wanted to give myself some guidelines to start following so that I can better understand the path I want to take during 2019. I think at the end of the day, if we leave our “resolutions” more vague, then they are much more realistic to achieve. You just need to create an idea, then let the year take you through your idea the way it needs to.

I feel good about sharing my ideas for this phase of goals I’ve set for myself and I hope you can take something away from this. If not, I still wish everyone the very best in what they are working on and where they are in life and I hope all your dreams come true!

Thank you for reading.

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