Night Time Routine for Self-Care

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It was not too long ago where my "night time routine" consisted of me watching TV until I was about to fall asleep. I would then stumble into my room and just go to bed because I was so physically and mentally exhausted.

Since I have been working towards getting my mind in a better space and also my body, I have come to realize the importance of a self-care night time routine.

I have made a conscious effort to not spend that much time watching TV and taking the last little bit of waking hours at the end of my day and turning them into something healthy for myself. If you are also at that point where you want to make your evening have purpose and actually help you feel good, then here are some of my self care night time habits that can help change your life.

1. Turning off your technology

We all know that we are "plugged in" almost all the time and because of that our brains are constantly stimulated and never really gets a chance to have some quiet time and not look at a screen or worry about how many likes your Instagram post got or what friends are doing on Facebook. Taking some time in the evening to just shut down your technology is a great help to your body and brain. I would suggest that near the end of the night when you are about to do the rest of your self-care wind down routine, just turn your phone on airplane mode and just enjoy the time you are spending taking care of yourself without including your phone into the picture. This will also help you get a better sleep studies have shown that using your phone so close to bedtime is actually associated with poor quality sleeps. It is said that you should turn off your technologies one hour before bed to help you unwind and get a better sleep. If sleep is something you are lacking, then maybe try this out on its own and you might see major results just from adding this one thing into your evening routine.

2. Make a hot drink

When I am doing my evening self-care routine, I like to make myself a cup of tea that is going to help me sleep. I don't sleep poorly but sometimes when life is busy, I can find it hard to just relax and let my mind unwind. I usually go for "sleepy time" teas that are filled with chamomile and Valerian. These herbs are supposed to help you feel drowsy and more ready for bed. I will drink my tea while I am reading a book so that I can enjoy it and not just try to chug it down before bed!

3. Read

I think this one is very important, especially now that phones and tablets play such a huge role in our lives. We get so caught up playing on our apps and talking on social media, that we forget that we can use our minds to play with by reading a good book and getting lost it in for a while. I have really gotten into reading before bed time and it not only is good for my brain but it also helps me feel a little more tired. I will read multiple times in the evening as a replacement to watching TV or being on my phone. Usually while I am drinking my tea and then once I have gotten ready for bed and I am in bed, I will read again until I am ready to turn the lights off and go to sleep.

4. Hot bath or shower

This can help you unwind and it is actually a fact that the hot water heats up your body and then when you get out and cool down, then change in temperature actually helps you feel more tired and helps you get a better sleep. To make it more relaxing, try putting on a relaxation playlist or if you are in the bath, then try reading and have a full on relaxing bath! Don’t forget to add a bath bomb or a nice bubble bath. During the week I usually go for a shower because I don't have as much time but on the weekends I would definitely opt for a bath instead.

5. Yoga (yin or restorative)

Finally something that I have made a staple in my evening routine, yoga. I don't do anything crazy but I try to find a nice wind down yoga routine, or I just do whatever feels good for myself at the time. But having this nice stretch at the end of the night before bed had helped me just feel good and in the moment. If you need help with a yoga

Try to find a nice YouTube video and follow along

I try to follow this routine at least during the week so that I can get a good rest to start work again the next day. So long as I can incorporate some of these habits into my evening routine, I feel I have a better time at night falling asleep and also getting a better sleep in general. Give them a try and see if you feel a difference in how you feel before bed and if your sleep has improved.

Thank you for reading

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