How to Spend More Time With Your Dog/Pets

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

One thing that is VERY important to me, is my dog. And even more importantly, spending time with my dog.

If you are an animal lover like me, your best friend is probably your four legged pooch (or cat). And what do you want to do most with your best friend? Hang out all the time! I am genuinely happier when my dog is around me, so I try to incorporate her into as many activities as I can. The only problem with that is, in most cities, there are not a lot of places that you can actually take your pet.

In Vancouver, we still have a lot of rules and law against taking your pets to most places. So I have had to get creative in coming up with ways to be able to incorporate her into my daily life as much as possible. Here are a few things I have come up with so you can maximize the amount of time you can spend with them. This list can apply to any animals you might call your best friend but for this post, I have written it for my dog.

Take Your Dogs to Work

This is becoming more and more popular to have pet friendly office spaces. Some companies already have a pet ambassador in the office and welcome others to bring in their dogs. Although this is not the case for all offices, they do seem to be catching on in popularity and if you are in the job market you might be lucky to stumble upon a job with a pet friendly office.

Work From Home

Alternatively if the company your work for does not have a pet friendly office space but your company is open to it and your job allow for it, try working from home one day a week. Your dog will love to have you home for one day during the week and you get the go through the work day with your dog by your side!

Go on Walks/Hikes

This is a no brainer, try and go out for walks and hikes as many times as the weather will allow for. Not only is this a good thing for you and a good way to cram in some extra exercise but your dog will love you for it!

Outdoor Markets/Festivals

If you live somewhere that has a weekly outdoor market or outdoor festivals where you can walk through, bring your furry friend along. This way you can get some errands completed without having to leave them at home or in the car while you go into a grocery store. Or if there are any outdoor festivals, concerts, or events you have the ability to enjoy the entertainment while sitting with your dog and letting them tag along.

More Home Time

Finally if you are unable to do the above things, just plan a few more home days where you can spend some relaxation time with your dog. They will appreciate the time with you and you can probably benefit from having some down time at home.

Unfortunately for me I cannot bring my dog to work and I rarely get to work from home now, but everything else on the list I do as frequently as I can. I love taking my little girl everywhere and I hope these ideas will help you guys to bring your furry BFF's everywhere. Please let me know if you have any other ideas and suggestions on how to bring your pets more places.

Thank you for reading

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